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Cover: Pararescue Jumpers

Arlington School District Review of Pararescue Jumpers

This is a graphic novel written about the pararescue jumpers that worked in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. The story gives a timeline of what occurred when the hurricane hit New Orleans. It shows how vital the pararescue jumpers were and how hard they worked. It also gives… View →

Cover: Plant Facts

Arlington School District Review of Plant Facts

Learning about plants is essential in the lower grades, so the plant information in this book provides lots of information — one fact at a… It begins talking about plant-life with clear and simple explanations, moving to flowers, trees, grasses, underwater plants, and plants i View →

Cover: The Yellow Book

Booklist Review of The Yellow Book: What to Do When You're Excited

Upbeat and constructive, the Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions series (4 titles) helps children stay in control of their feelings. In this volume, yellow (excitement) shines brightest in the literal rainbow of emotions readers are asked to envision at the book’s… View →

Cover: Forces in Motion

SLJ Review of Forces in Motion

A few simple sentences per spread accompany clear photos of children and familiar things in motion. The text explains types of forces and how they can vary in strength or direction. Children, adults, and cute pets appear in the photos riding in wagons, bicycling, or playing ball. A final View →

Cover: Beyond the Grave

Arlington School District Review of Stranger World: Beyond the Grave

Do you believe in vampires? After 76-year-old Petra Toma’s funeral, his niece became very ill. Her family was deeply concerned and unsure what to do after she said her uncle came each night to drink her blood. What is a family to do? This graphic novel is based on a true story and part… View →

Cover: Science Questions

Booklist Review of Science Questions

It is a challenge to convey any nonfiction concept at a beginning-reading level, but author Pettiford succeeds at this in the Science Questions series. Each book focuses on one very basic answer to its title question. View →

Cover: Crafts in a Snap!

Booklist Review of Crafts in a Snap!

With educational tidbits and an eco-friendly focus, the Crafts in a Snap! series serves up conscientious art projects suitable for primary-grade children. Each themed volume presents seven crafts designed to incorporate repurposed materials, from empty bottles and jars to old clothing… View →

Cover: Seasons of Fun: Winter

Arlington School District Review of Seasons of Fun: Winter

This nonfiction book contains some notes at the beginning labeled teaching tips, a table of contents, glossary, fun facts page, an index, and additional books and online… Students will like the current bright photographs of families, children, and snow covered places with View →

Cover: The Red Book

Arlington School District Review of The Red Book: What to do when you're Angry

“The Red Book: What to Do When You’re Angry” is a part of a four book series, Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions – Anger, Excitement, Sadness & Nervousness. This is a great book to add to your school library SEL… View →

Cover: The Beginning of Bread

Arlington School District Review of The Beginning of Bread

The Beginning of Bread is part of the Drive Through series. This nonfiction book begins with a fiction character who owns a food truck. The food truck sells sandwiches but is out of bread! The book highlights all different kinds of bread and gives a general description of how bread is… View →

Cover: Get Crafting for Your Hip Hamster

Booklist Review of Get Crafting for Your Hip Hamster

Part of the Playful Pets Projects series (6 titles), this guide for advanced-beginner or intermediate crafters outlines four projects kids can make and use with their hamster buddies. A Popsicle-stick house, carrot and hamster-seed cupcakes, a cardboard maze, and a fleece snuggle pouch… View →

Cover: Intro to Physics: Need to Know

SLJ Review of Intro to Physics: Need to Know

This series delivers straightforward financial information to readers. Topics covered include credit scores, interest rates, budgeting, and saving. The author relates each subject to a real-life money situation, such as saving for a computer or investing birthday money. The books feature View →