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Cover: Mindful Cooking

SLJ Review of The Art of Mindfulness

Moving beyond deep breaths and yoga mats, these titles incorporate mindfulness practices into common middle grade activities like dancing and crafting. It is a clever expansion that builds on a secular understanding of mindfulness and its uses in daily activities to boost mental… View →

Cover: Los perros de búsqueda y rescate (Search and Rescue Dogs)

SLJ Review of Los trabajos de los perros (Dogs on Duty)

Repetition, early words, and simple narrative structure are major strengths in this series about the many service functions performed by working dogs. Herding dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and service dogs are profiled in these Spanish/English books for early readers who… View →

Cover: Meet the Community Helpers!

SLJ Review of Meet the Community Helpers

Early readers will love to learn about how veterinarians, bus drivers, construction workers, and garbage collectors work hard to serve people and animals in their communities. Each book features common situations associated with each job: Dr. Jenny has a busy day treating animals at her… View →

Cover: Science Behind the Colors

SLJ Review of Science Behind the Colors

Photographs in this series showcase the colors of various animals in beautiful detail. Easily understood text explains the causes of and reasons for the colors, such as camouflage, mating display, or even as a warning to enemies. Nonfiction features include labels on the photos, “Did You View →

Cover: Whole Wide World

SLJ Review of Whole Wide World

This series continues to balance information with an eye-catching format, highlighting landmarks around the world. There are about three chapters that are six pages long and contain full-page pictures that accompany short paragraphs throughout. The beginning of each title starts with… View →

Cover: Bee or Wasp?

SLJ Review of Spot the Differences

Engaging animal comparisons are presented in a question-and-answer format. Text provides simple facts about the two… Readers examine the accompanying photograph, then try to identify it based on the words and image: “A frog has webbed feet. A toad does not. Which is this?” View →

Cover: Dax's Dependable Digestive System

SLJ Review of Let's Look at Body Systems

Take a look under human skin and explore the fun world of anatomy and physiology with this early chapter series about how systems work in the body. The step-by-step processes take readers through each part of the body and talk about the interconnected aspect of how systems… Th View →

Cover: Heroic Dogs

Booklist Review of Heroic Dogs

“Most kids have a soft spot for pups, so the Heroic Dogs series is sure Double-page spreads offer brief paragraphs set off by bright graphics, highlighted facts, and multiple full-colo View →

Cover: Disastrous Deaths

SLJ Review of Disastrous Deaths

Those interested in the gruesome and morbid will find plenty to explore in this series. The table of contents is listed on a tombstone, and a collection of “weird” phrases about death like, “kicked the bucket” begins each book. Within the pages are incredible stories of those who have… View →

Cover: Fact-o-graphics!

SLJ Review of Fact-o-Graphics!

Using colorful illustrations and inset photos, this series presents basic facts for early readers. A section on the five senses, for example, uses small photos of foods to highlight the five categories of taste. A general statement introduces each spread’s topic and text boxes provide… View →

Cover: Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions

SLJ Review of Colorful Minds

This series is like a comforting hug. For young children who might have trouble verbally expressing their feelings or controlling their emotions, this series provides interactive activities to help them understand what they are feeling and how to cope. Each emotion is associated with a… View →

Cover: Camel

SLJ Review of Library of Awesome Animals

Playful chapter titles and occasional interjections like “yikes” and “wow!” create a lighthearted feel in these animal profiles, but there’s also plenty of useful, well-organized information. The tone achieves a good balance between enthusiastic (“Elephants are eating machines”) and… View →