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Customer Service

Intuitive Online Shopping

Here are a number of ways our website will make shopping easy:
  • Our website gives you the option of either using filters or the search bar for locating the titles you need.

    1. Our filters will allow you to narrow our list of titles down to only the ones that meet your exact specifications.
    2. Using the search bar will allow you to search for titles using either broad terms or specific terms.
  • You can create and manage multiple “Wishlists” that can be saved, purchased, printed, and emailed with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Our 5 step checkout process is as simple and fast as possible with the least amount of information needed to order titles.
  • Library processing, if necessary, only needs to be filled out once during your first purchase and then you never have to fill it out again.

How To Order

Step 1: Create a Profile

Before you begin shopping, please create your own personal profile by clicking Login at the top of the page. We encourage you to create a profile first because if you add items to the shopping cart without logging in, don’t make a purchase, and then leave the site, all of your items will be lost. Once you are logged in, however, your items will be saved if you choose to come back at a later date to make a purchase. Your profile will contain your personal contact information, your library processing information (to be completed during your first checkout), your current wishlists, and allow you to view past purchases. After you have created your personal profile, you are ready to start adding titles to your cart or to your wish lists.

Step 2: Shopping Cart or Wish List

When you find a title you want, you can either add it to your shopping cart or wish list. Wish lists allow you to create, manage, and e-mail your lists to others. You can add individual items from your wishlist to your shopping cart, or you can add the entire list to your shopping cart by clicking Add All to Cart at the bottom of the wish list. You can also create multiple wish lists if you need them. The shopping cart is for making purchases. Using the shopping cart allows you to view My Cart which will allow you to see your list of titles, move titles to your wishlist, and allow you to checkout if you would like.

Step 3: Checking Out

Once you have all of the titles you need, please click Checkout which can be found either at the top of the website or as a button in your shopping cart. Please follow the 5 step process in which we’ll need your shipping information, purchasing information,and possibly your library processing information. Library processing is provided as a downloadable PDF during step 3, Shipping Method. Once you have downloaded the form, please proceed through the rest of checkout.

Library Processing

Library processing is provided as a downloadable PDF during checkout on step 3, Shipping Method. Once you have downloaded the form, fill it out and either fax or e-mail it back to Brainstorm Library. Once we have received it, we will review it. The library processing form will then be attached to your profile which will allow you to make future purchases without having to fill out library processing again. Please fax us your library processing at 888-960-1346 or e-mail us at orders@brainstormlibrary.com.