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Cover: Animal Chefs

Animal Chefs

This series combines cooking, food styling, and character animals to help readers successfully make a recipe all while learning a little more about their favorite animal. A table of contents starts showing short sections between two-to-four pages long and six recipes per… Anim View →

Cover: Regions of the United States

SLJ Review of Regions of the United States

A short series about the various regions of the United States. The books open with ideas for educators and caregivers for before, during, and after reading followed by a table of contents with three to four chapters of varying… Each region’s history, location, geography, wi View →

Cover: First Experiences

SLJ Review of First Experiences

This adorable series will help young children overcome their fear of new situations. Each book is narrated by a child facing an unfamiliar experience. They express their feelings to a parent and receive advice to help them cope. In the end they discover that there was nothing to be… View →

Cover: Eco Journeys

SLJ Review of Eco Journeys

Each of the four books in this series follows an item (piece of paper, glass jar, plastic bottle, and soda can) through its creation, usage, disposal, recycling process, and… The descriptions and details are easy to understand and provide just the right amount of information View →

Cover: Bearcub Bios Set Three

SLJ Review of Bearcub Bios Set Three

An eclectic mix of famous people are the subjects of these basic beginner biographies for the youngest… Facts presented to readers include Amanda ­Gorman, who was the first top youth poet in the United States; Eva Longoria, an ­actor who helps people with disabilities; and View →

Cover: See a Plant Grow!

SLJ Review of See a Plant Grow!

Showing the transformative visuals from seed to flower to fruit, these reader styled titles Vocabulary is presented at the front and back of each title with View →

Cover: Construction Zone

SLJ Review of Construction Zone

This addition to the imprint is ideal for readers who love big construction site behemoths. Bright, vivid photos illustrate the basic text, allowing readers to use context clues to decipher more difficult words. Images of bright orange mixers pouring concrete and rollers smoothing… View →

Cover: My Emergency

SLJ Review of My Emergency

What do you do when something scary happens? Aiming to prepare children for health crises and alarming situations where emotions run high, each situation presented is explained in ­easy-to- understand terms with photographs that are realistic without causing readers undue… T View →

Cover: Math Adventures Level 2

SLJ Review of Math Adventures

Everyday family math situations fill this series. Children notice the various shapes among the kites at the park or check the clock while getting ready for a family… Characters have a range of skin tones, hair textures, and culturally diverse names; some also use medical devic View →

Cover: Explore the West

Booklist Review of Regions of the U.S. - Explore the West

The U.S. is vast and varied, and here readers are offered a succinct snapshot of the American West. The book opens with a rapid historical overview that touches on the West’s original Indigenous inhabitants, the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark expedition, and California Gold… View →

Cover: Mission: Special Ops

SLJ Review of Mission: Special Ops

This series features graphic fiction/nonfiction hybrids. Fictionalized dialogue bubbles mix with fact boxes to give an action-packed feel. Green Berets take on a rescue mission during the Iraq War, while pararescue jumpers work around the clock to save Hurricane Katrina victims. Army… View →

Cover: Fighting Back in Flight

Booklist Review of Fighting Back in Flight

Riveting action relayed in a graphic-novel format joins traditional nonfiction text in this account of the valiant passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93 as they fought with hijackers on 9/11. Without sensationalizing events, the graphic portion relays what happened aboard this View →