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Cool Cats

Series of 26 titles

People have long loved cats for their companionship and quiet natures. These books dive into the history, physical traits, and personality of each unique cat breed. Find out what makes felines like Japanese bobtails and Selkirk rexes special in their own, cool cat way in this series for young readers.

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Abyssinians Abyssinians 2.4
Cover: American Shorthairs American Shorthairs 2.4
Cover: Birmans Birmans 2.1
Cover: Maine Coons Maine Coons 2.3
Cover: Persians Persians 2.2
Cover: Ragdolls Ragdolls 2.1
Cover: Siamese Siamese 2.3
Cover: Sphynx Sphynx 2.4
Cover: Devon Rexes Devon Rexes 2.4
Cover: Egyptian Maus Egyptian Maus 2.3
Cover: Exotics Exotics 2.4
Cover: Manx Manx 2.4
Cover: Orientals Orientals 2.6
Cover: Scottish Folds Scottish Folds 2.5
Cover: British Shorthairs British Shorthairs 2.3
Cover: Cornish Rexes Cornish Rexes 2.0
Cover: Norwegian Forest Cats Norwegian Forest Cats 2.4
Cover: Russian Blues Russian Blues 2.4
Cover: Burmese Burmese 2.3
Cover: Japanese Bobtails Japanese Bobtails 2.3
Cover: Ocicats Ocicats 2.1
Cover: Selkirk Rexes Selkirk Rexes 2.2
Cover: American Curls American Curls 2.3
Cover: Balinese Balinese 2.2
Cover: RagaMuffins RagaMuffins 2.5
Cover: Siberians Siberians 2.4
Category Leveled Readers
Subject Animals
Copyright 2018
Publisher Bellwether Media
Imprint Blastoff! Readers
Language English
Publication Date 2017-08-01
Reading Counts! Level 1.7-3.2
Reading Counts! Points 1.0
Dewey 636.8
Lexile 280-550
Guided Reading Level I-K
ATOS Reading Level 2.0-2.6
Accelerated ReaderĀ® Points 0.5