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My First Pet

Series of 15 titles

Getting your first pet is a big step, and it requires a lot of responsibility. Filled with cute pet photos and easy-to-understand text, these books give kids an introduction to all the tasks involved with pet care.

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Cover: Chinchillas Chinchillas 0.9
Cover: Gerbils Gerbils 1.0
Cover: Hermit Crabs Hermit Crabs 1.0
Cover: Horses Horses 1.0
Cover: Lizards Lizards 1.0
Cover: Rats Rats 0.9
Cover: Snakes Snakes 0.9
Cover: Birds Birds 0.9
Cover: Cats Cats 0.9
Cover: Dogs Dogs 0.9
Cover: Fish Fish 0.9
Cover: Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs 0.9
Cover: Hamsters Hamsters 0.9
Cover: Rabbits Rabbits 0.9
Cover: Turtles Turtles 0.9
Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reading Level Kindergarten
Category Beginning Readers
Subject Animals, STEM
Copyright 2015
Publisher Jump!
Imprint Bullfrog Books
Language English
Number of Pages 24
Publication Date 2014-08-01
Dewey 597.95-639.34
Graphics Full-color photographs
Dimensions 7.75 x 7.75
Lexile 220-310
Guided Reading Level D
ATOS Reading Level 0.9-1.0
Accelerated Reader® Points 0.5
Features Glossary of key words, Index, and Table of contents


Series Made Simple

Appealing photographs are the highlight of these introductory pet books. Simple tips are woven into the text, describing what kids can do for their critters. For instance, in Snakes, “Snakes need to shed. Aidan [a boy] puts out rocks. Jack [a snake] rubs on them.” Names are usually included for both humans and animals: some children are shown in photos, while others are only mentioned in the text, which may challenge budding readers. Not to be confused with care guides, these titles do not include breed details, specific care procedures, and any downsides to pet ownership. Final images show a budding human-animal relationship in an especially endearing pose, supporting the closing comment that pets are cool. VERDICT Consider for preschool collections in need of light, basic pet introductions.

Series Made Simple

These bright, slight, upbeat introductions to pet ownership are designed for early readers. Basic information is shared through a collection of vignettes. The text, never more than four brief sentences per spread, always gives a name to the pet in the photo and the child, who may not always be shown. The vocabulary is simple but doesn’t avoid technical terms such as cuttlebone or nocturnal. This clever personalization of the carefully chosen stock photos adds interest. “Ideas for Parents and Teachers” on the verso page offers before, during, and after reading tips. The concluding page “What Does a ____ Need?” covers the basic pet ownership supplies with brightly labeled photos. The close-up cover images, silhouetted against white and banded in a bright color, will draw animal lovers in. Great selections to round out your pet collection.

Booklist (Angela Leeper)

Using an early reader format, these entries in the My First Pet series introduce young children to basic care of common pets. Extreme cuteness with large color photos of animals and their diverse kid owners in action (highlighted by vibrant frames and occasional labels) drives the appeal. The simple, fun text encourages independent reading. After Ava looks for a feline friend at a shelter in Cats, other children show how they feed and play with their cats, scoop their poop, and take them to the vet. In Dogs, kid owners demonstrate dog-care essentials, such as food and water, as well as exercise, baths, check-ups, and “dog school” for obedience. Guinea Pigs emphasizes that these pets do not like to live alone. Following a mate found for lonely Honey, the book depicts their specialized care, from food pellets and hiding places to grooming and cleaning their cages. Though turtles seem less needy than other pets, Turtles explains that many people abandon them because they live for a long time. Once Kim picks out Tex at a shelter, the book describes its special needs, including a heat lamp and place to swim. A concluding visual sums up each animal’s care regiment. An attractive series to explore before or after “Mom, can I keep it?”

Author: Various