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Cold Whispers

In this chilling new series, voices from the past relentlessly haunt children of the present. Sometimes the whispering voices, though scary, turn out to be benign, but sometimes… they prove to be life changing! In the tradition of Goosebumps and Eerie Elementary but with briefer texts, the titles in Cold Whispers grab readers right off the bat and take them on thrilling rides through the shadowy world of the supernatural. From spooky, ghost-infested hotels to ancient ruins that hide other worlds, the places in these books form the backdrops of nightmares brought to life!

These highly satisfying reads cover many of the same bone-rattling topics also presented in our award-winning Scary Places series--at approximately the same reading levels. The Common Core (9th anchor reading standard for each grade) recommends that students be exposed to topically related texts, with content that can be compared and contrasted, to develop analytic and general thinking skills.

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