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Grades 3 - 7
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Grades 3 - 7

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: A Pet What?! A Pet What?! (6 titles) Spring 2020
Cover: Animal Battles Animal Battles (6 titles) Spring 2020
Cover: Wild About Animals Wild About Animals (12 titles) Fall 2019
Cover: The World of Dinosaurs The World of Dinosaurs (6 titles) Fall 2019
Cover: North American Animals North American Animals (58 titles)
Cover: Animal Tag Teams Animal Tag Teams (6 titles)
Cover: Animals on the Move Animals on the Move (8 titles)
Cover: Birds of Prey Birds of Prey (6 titles)
Cover: Envenomators Envenomators (6 titles)
Cover: Ocean Life Up Close Ocean Life Up Close (28 titles)
Cover: Engineered by Nature Engineered by Nature (6 titles)
Cover: Biomes Alive! Biomes Alive! (8 titles)
Cover: They Don't Belong: Tracking Invasive Species They Don't Belong: Tracking Invasive Species (5 titles)
Cover: Desert Animals Searchin' for Shade Desert Animals Searchin' for Shade (6 titles)
Cover: Amazing Snakes! Amazing Snakes! (12 titles)
Cover: Extremely Weird Animals Extremely Weird Animals (8 titles)
Cover: Dogs to the Rescue! Dogs to the Rescue! (10 titles)
Cover: Nature's Deadliest Nature's Deadliest (18 titles)
Cover: Shark Fact Files Shark Fact Files (12 titles)
Cover: Animal Attacks Animal Attacks (8 titles)
Cover: Animal Classes Animal Classes (6 titles)
Cover: Horse Breed Roundup Horse Breed Roundup (14 titles)
Cover: America's Animal Soldiers America's Animal Soldiers (4 titles)
Cover: Snakes Alive Snakes Alive (14 titles)