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Slime-inators & Other Slippery Tricksters

It's slippery, it's sticky, and it can even be stinky. Get ready to get slimed! In this new Science Slam! series, children will love learning all about icky, gooey slime. From the deadly toxic slime produced by poison dart frogs to the bubble of mucus burped up by parrotfish to use as a sleeping bag, readers will gobble up this fascinating goo. Each book in this new series is expertly crafted to meet early elementary and science curriculum standards, as well as introduce children to bizarre and interesting facts. Innovative, grade-appropriate activities and experiments, critical-thinking questions, and fascinating fact boxes will hold readers' interests with a viselike grip. These features will also introduce children to two fundamental components of scientific inquiry: making observations and drawing inferences. And, best of all, the activities are gooey and fun!

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