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Down & Dirty: The Secrets of Soil

We see it in backyard gardens and beneath trees at the park. Farmers grow wheat, potatoes, and many other foods in it. And without it there would be no grassy lawns or fields for playing soccer and other games. What are we talking about? Soil! This new Science Slam! series takes a fresh look at the soil beneath our feet. What is soil made of and how do animals help make it? Why do most plants need soil to survive? And is there a difference between soil and dirt? Each of the five books in this series is expertly crafted to meet early elementary and science curriculum standards. Innovative, grade-appropriate activities and experiments, critical-thinking questions, and fascinating fact boxes will keep the pages turning and the pace lively and interactive. These features will also introduce children to two fundamental components of scientific inquiry--making observations and drawing inferences from those observations. And best of all, the activities are fun!

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