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Grades 2 - 5
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Grades 2 - 5

Spring 2023 Geography · Social Studies

All Around the World

Series of 72 titles

Where in the world can you ride a camel? Or visit gardens filled with bonsai trees? Where might you find the Euphrates River? Each book in All Around the World highlights a specific country… More →

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Spring 2023 Animals

Ancient Marine Life

Series of 6 titles

Explore the waters of the ancient world in this hi-lo series for reluctant readers! Readers will discover giant turtles, enormous sharks, and more through engaging text and colorful… More →

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Spring 2023

Sports Superstars

Series of 12 titles

Crushing records, earning trophies, achieving greatness: sports superstars combine immense talent with dedicated hard work to achieve these goals and become the best. Each title in this… More →

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Spring 2023 Crafts and Activities

Party Time!

Series of 6 titles

Make some tasty treats and hang up decorations. It is time to party! In this series, readers will learn how to make fun and unique drinks, snacks, games, and decorations to celebrate holidays More →

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Fall 2022 Science and Math

Dangerous Journeys

Series of 6 titles

Explorers boldly venture into places that most people would never dare to go. In this hi-lo series, readers will learn about what it takes to journey into some of the most dangerous places on More →

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Fall 2022 Machines

Cool Cars

Series of 14 titles

Buckle up and get ready for a drive! In this hi-lo series, reluctant readers will learn about some of the coolest cars available today. Engaging text provides details about the history,… More →

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Fall 2022 SEL

Facing Life's Challenges

Series of 8 titles

Life throws us many challenges, often without warning. Facing LifeНs Challenges describes the very real issues todayНs youth experience and confront daily. Each title illustrates specific… More →

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Early Concepts

Let's Look at Body Systems!

Series of 7 titles

Let’s Look at Body Systems! introduces early fluent readers to the body’s seven systems with fun and informative storylines. In each book, a fictional child character investigates a specific… More →

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Social Studies

The Art of Mindfulness

Series of 4 titles

Whether you enjoy writing, performing, dancing, or cooking, making art can be healing and rewarding. Creating art can help relieve stress and increase mindfulness. With its reader-friendly… More →

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