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Create and Manage Multiple Wishlists

Creating Wishlists

After you have created an account, you will be able to create wishlists. Once you have logged in, the “Lists” link will appear in the My Account menu. Click this link to access your wishlist page to manage your wishlists.

What can I do with my wishlists?

  1. Maintain multiple lists for products.
  2. Products within wishlists can be copied to other wishlists, moved out of one wishlist and into another, or deleted.
  3. Manage wishlists for different kinds of products, budgets, or saving titles you know you will want for future purchases.
  4. Print or e-mail your wishlist to others.
    • Print your wishlist by using the print option of your web browser. * Printing does not work with the Firefox web browser.
    • E-Mail your wishlist by clicking the “Share Wishlist” button at the bottom of the wishlist page. This will allow you to e-mail your wishlist along with a personalized message about the list.

How can I purchase wishlists?

You can purchase a wishlist by clicking the “Load to Cart” button. This will move all of the products in your selected wishlist to your cart. In the shopping cart you can see the price total and checkout. If you decide you do not want to make a purchase, click the “Move to Wishlist” button of each title to move them back to your wishlists.