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Grade 5

Fall '20 Reference

Disgusting Animals

From creatures of the deep to creatures of the sky, disgusting animals can be found everywhere! In this title, readers will get a close-up look at all sorts of disgusting animals through… More →

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Fall '20 Science and Math

Shooting Stars

In Shooting Stars, early fluent readers will explore the science behind shooting stars and the differences between meteors and meteorites. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled… More →

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Fall '20

Floating Misery!

A fun swim in the ocean takes a dramatic turn when a beachgoer finds out that he's not swimming alone. Follow the story of man versus Portuguese man-of-war in this gripping graphic novel. More →

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Fall '20

Small but Deadly!

This is not just another day at the beach when trouble comes with eight arms. Read about encounters with the blue-ringed octopus in this graphic novel. More →

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Fall '20 History


A beautiful sound drifts over the waves. Do your eyes deceive you? It is a mermaid! Long hair cascades down her back as she sings into the salty air. Mermaids began to take form 4,000 years… More →

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Fall '20 SEL · Social Studies


In this book, readers will learn what tolerance is, why it is important, how to use mindfulness to better practice empathy and acceptance, and how to encourage it in others. Social and… More →

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Fall '20 Animals


This title includes narrative nonfiction, informational sidebars, Fun Facts, and more for readers to learn how to take care of Pugs and how the breed came to be. More →

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Fall '20 History · Social Studies

U.S. Air Force

In this book, readers will learn about the U.S. Air Force, its history and importance, duties and special missions, and how it relates to and works with other branches of the U.S. Armed… More →

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Fall '20

Gross Science Experiments

Eww! Hands-on gross experiments are sure to make learning fun. Explore science that will make you cringe with four sensory science experiments.  More →

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