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Grade 5

Fall '20 History · Social Studies

September 11th Attacks

In this book, early fluent readers will learn about the causes, main events, key players, and lasting impacts of the September 11th Attacks. Interesting photos and carefully leveled text will… More →

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Fall '20 Animals

Yorkshire Terriers

This title includes narrative nonfiction, informational sidebars, Fun Facts, and more for readers to learn how to take care of Yorkshire Terriers and how the breed came to be. More →

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Fall '20 Geography


Nicknamed the “Gateway to South America,” Colombia is filled with beauty and color! In this text, readers will explore the nation’s landscape, people, wildlife, and much more. Interesting… More →

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Fall '20 History


Have a troll problem? Ring church bells near their ears or lure them into a lightning storm. They will run away in terror! This title covers the legends of trolls and how these mythical… More →

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Fall '20

Small but Deadly!

This is not just another day at the beach when trouble comes with eight arms. Read about encounters with the blue-ringed octopus in this graphic novel. More →

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Fall '20

Banded Sea Krait

The banded sea krait swims along in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans with the help of a paddle-shaped tail and large lungs. Learn all about what makes this snake fit for life… More →

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Fall '20 Crafts and Activities


Building a robot requires wires, metal, and knowledge of computers. But building an origami robot just takes a sheet or two of paper! With this hands-on origami guide, readers can construct… More →

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Fall '20 Animals · Science and Math

Science Behind the Colors

Series of 6 titles

Why are flamingos pink? How does a blue-footed booby use its blue feet? Find these answers and more about some of nature’s most colorful creatures in Science Behind the Colors. Each book… More →

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Fall '20 Geography

Saudi Arabia

In 2019, Saudi Arabia opened its doors to more tourists than ever before. But what will travelers find when they visit? Through leveled text and vibrant photos, readers will find information… More →

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Fall '20 Sports

The Story of the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons know how to fly high. Through narrative nonfiction, timelines, and Fun Facts, readers will engage with the history and superstars of the Atlanta Falcons like never before. More →

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