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Grade 2

Spring 2022 Animals

Wolf or Coyote?

In Wolf or Coyote?, beginning readers will learn to spot the differences between these hunting mammals. Carefully leveled text relays what the animals look like and how they behave. Each page More →

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Spring 2022 Animals


What’s that flying high above? It’s an eagle! In this title, beginning readers will explore the lives of eagles. Bright images and simple text combine to introduce the body parts, diets, and… More →

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Spring 2022 Animals


In this book, early fluent readers will learn how crabs live and survive in the ocean. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they learn more about More →

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Spring 2022 Early Concepts

A Day with a Bus Driver

In this title, beginning readers follow Lisa the bus driver as she starts her day at the school bus lot, picks up children, drives them to school in the morning, and then drops them off at… More →

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Spring 2022 Blastoff! Readers Level 3 · Geography


Forests are vital to life on Earth! In this title for young readers, leveled text and crisp photos introduce the different types of forests and their parts, the plants and animals that live… More →

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Spring 2022 Language Arts · Science

My Brain

When you open a book, you can see the pictures, read the words, and even turn the pages all thanks to one special part of you. What do you think it is? ItХs your brain! Your busy brain keeps… More →

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Spring 2022 Science · Social Studies

Create a Coastline

What goes into making a coastline? Build one layer by layer to find out. Add a sandy shore, awesome animals, rocking rocks, and more. Then, get creative to make your own coastline… More →

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