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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Horror in Michigan Horror in Michigan Fall 2019 0.0
Cover: Horror in New York Horror in New York Fall 2019 0.0
Cover: Adam Levine Adam Levine 3.4
Cover: Beyoncé Beyoncé 3.8
Cover: Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood 4.0
Cover: Lady Gaga Lady Gaga 3.8
Cover: Lurid London Lurid London 3.9
Cover: Nightmarish New York Nightmarish New York 3.8
Cover: Sinister Savannah Sinister Savannah 3.5
Cover: Strawberry Strawberry 2.6
Cover: A Haunted Titanic A Haunted Titanic 5.6
Cover: Ciudades deshabitadas/Deserted Cities Ciudades deshabitadas/Deserted Cities
Cover: Cuevas fantasmales/Ghost Caves Cuevas fantasmales/Ghost Caves
Cover: Highland Cattle Highland Cattle 2.6
Cover: Matamata Matamata 2.6
Cover: Orchid Mantis Orchid Mantis 2.8
Cover: Subterráneos oscuros/The Dark Underground Subterráneos oscuros/The Dark Underground
Cover: Tumbas de momias/Mummy Tombs Tumbas de momias/Mummy Tombs
Cover: Deserted Cities Deserted Cities 3.6
Cover: Ghost Caves Ghost Caves 3.9
Cover: Luna Moth Luna Moth 3.0
Cover: Mummy Tombs Mummy Tombs 3.6
Cover: Snub-Nosed Monkey Snub-Nosed Monkey 2.6
Cover: The Dark Underground The Dark Underground 4.2
Cover: My Indy: A Guide Dog Story My Indy: A Guide Dog Story 4.0
Cover: Noah and Link: A Comfort Dog Story Noah and Link: A Comfort Dog Story 4.1