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Natalie Lunis

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Comfort Dogs Comfort Dogs 5.9
Cover: Gravity-defying Animals Gravity-defying Animals 5.0
Cover: Shape-Shifting Animals Shape-Shifting Animals 5.4
Cover: Lifeguard Dogs Lifeguard Dogs 5.5
Cover: Inside the Spider's Web Inside the Spider's Web 4.1
Cover: Inside the Tarantula's Burrow Inside the Tarantula's Burrow 4.0
Cover: Giant Weta: The World's Biggest Grasshopper Giant Weta: The World's Biggest Grasshopper 3.9
Cover: Coyote: The Barking Dog Coyote: The Barking Dog 4.9
Cover: German Shepherd: Super Smart German Shepherd: Super Smart 5.6
Cover: Hippo: River Horse Hippo: River Horse 4.0
Cover: Howler Monkey: Super Loud Howler Monkey: Super Loud 4.4
Cover: Humpback Whale: The Singer Humpback Whale: The Singer 4.9

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