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Spencer Brinker

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Cover: Communication Communication
Cover: Hiccup Hiccup 1.5
Cover: Color Craziness!: Optical Illusions Color Craziness!: Optical Illusions
Cover: That's Impossible!: Optical Illusions That's Impossible!: Optical Illusions
Cover: Faces and Vases!: Optical Illusions Faces and Vases!: Optical Illusions
Cover: Motion Commotion!: Optical Illusions Motion Commotion!: Optical Illusions
Cover: Fast and Slow Fast and Slow
Cover: Pushing and Pulling Pushing and Pulling
Cover: Spinning and Rolling Spinning and Rolling
Cover: This Way and That Way This Way and That Way
Cover: Baby Giraffes Baby Giraffes 1.7
Cover: Baby Goats Baby Goats 1.4

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