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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Salton Riviera: The Deserted Resort Community Salton Riviera: The Deserted Resort Community Spring 2020
Cover: Skara Brae: The Lost Neolithic Village Skara Brae: The Lost Neolithic Village Spring 2020
Cover: Asteroid Impact Asteroid Impact Fall 2019 4.0
Cover: Climate Change Climate Change Fall 2019 4.0
Cover: Robot Uprising Robot Uprising Fall 2019 4.0
Cover: Alien Abductions Alien Abductions 4.6
Cover: Haunted Houses Haunted Houses 4.5
Cover: Hearing Hearing 2.7
Cover: Seeing Seeing 2.6
Cover: Smelling Smelling 2.8
Cover: Tasting Tasting 2.8
Cover: Touching Touching 2.8
Cover: Battleship Island: The Deserted Island Battleship Island: The Deserted Island 3.6
Cover: Craco: The Medieval Ghost Town Craco: The Medieval Ghost Town 3.7
Cover: Pripyat: The Chernobyl Ghost Town Pripyat: The Chernobyl Ghost Town 3.9
Cover: Ghosts at Sea Ghosts at Sea 3.2
Cover: Ghosts in Battlefields Ghosts in Battlefields 3.3
Cover: Ghosts in Cemeteries Ghosts in Cemeteries 3.1
Cover: Ghosts in Hotels Ghosts in Hotels 3.2
Cover: Ghosts in Mansions Ghosts in Mansions 3.3
Cover: Ghosts in Palaces Ghosts in Palaces 3.2
Cover: Ghosts in Prisons Ghosts in Prisons 3.3
Cover: Ghosts in the White House Ghosts in the White House 3.3
Cover: Ecuador Ecuador 4.7
Cover: Hungary Hungary 4.8
Cover: Lebanon Lebanon 4.9
Cover: Somalia Somalia 4.8
Cover: Atlantis Atlantis 3.0
Cover: ESP ESP 3.0
Cover: Ghost Ships Ghost Ships 3.2
Cover: The Mummy's Curse The Mummy's Curse 3.3
Cover: Stonehenge Stonehenge 3.1
Cover: Austria Austria 4.9
Cover: Bolivia Bolivia 4.7
Cover: Nicaragua Nicaragua 4.7
Cover: Singapore Singapore 4.8
Cover: Jamaica Jamaica 4.6
Cover: Malaysia Malaysia 4.6
Cover: Nepal Nepal 4.7
Cover: Taiwan Taiwan 4.9
Cover: Aye-Aye Aye-Aye 4.6
Cover: Elephant Seal Elephant Seal 4.6
Cover: Proboscis Monkey Proboscis Monkey 4.5
Cover: Star-nosed Mole Star-nosed Mole 4.6
Cover: Alabama Alabama 4.5
Cover: Georgia Georgia 4.5
Cover: Louisiana Louisiana 4.5
Cover: Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 4.6
Cover: Virginia Virginia 4.6
Cover: West Virginia West Virginia 4.6
Cover: The Black Mamba The Black Mamba 4.1
Cover: The Black Widow Spider The Black Widow Spider 4.4
Cover: The Deathstalker Scorpion The Deathstalker Scorpion 4.5
Cover: Killer Bees Killer Bees 4.6
Cover: The Mosquito The Mosquito 5.3
Cover: The Polar Bear The Polar Bear 4.0
Cover: Iceland Iceland 4.7
Cover: Indonesia Indonesia 4.6
Cover: Belgium Belgium 4.7
Cover: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 4.4
Cover: South Sudan South Sudan 4.5
Cover: The Netherlands The Netherlands 4.7
Cover: Bear Attack Bear Attack 3.4
Cover: Bull Shark Attack Bull Shark Attack 3.6
Cover: Moose Attack Moose Attack 3.8
Cover: Mountain Lion Attack Mountain Lion Attack 3.4
Cover: Rat Attack Rat Attack 3.6
Cover: Snake Attack Snake Attack 3.9
Cover: Tiger Attack Tiger Attack 3.6
Cover: Wild Dog Attack Wild Dog Attack 3.5
Cover: The African Lion The African Lion 4.6
Cover: The Cape Buffalo The Cape Buffalo 4.8
Cover: The Grizzly Bear The Grizzly Bear 4.4
Cover: The King Cobra The King Cobra 4.7
Cover: Chile Chile 4.6
Cover: Nigeria Nigeria 4.6
Cover: Peru Peru 4.5
Cover: South Africa South Africa 4.8
Cover: Turkey Turkey 4.5
Cover: The Great White Shark The Great White Shark 4.8
Cover: The Hippopotamus The Hippopotamus 4.6
Cover: The Komodo Dragon The Komodo Dragon 5.1
Cover: Poison Dart Frogs Poison Dart Frogs 5.0
Cover: Iraq Iraq 4.8
Cover: Afghanistan Afghanistan 4.6