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Mindful Writing - The Art of Mindfulness

Updated on 11 March 2022

Content Areas

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Grade 2 - Grade 5


Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps children manage emotions, create and achieve goals, maintain relationships, learn how to feel empathy, and make good decisions. The SEL approach will help children establish positive habits in communication, cooperation, and decision-making. By incorporating SEL in early reading, children will be better equipped to build confidence and foster positive peer networks.

Talk to the reader about what he or she likes
to write.

Discuss: Do you like writing? Do you enjoy journaling or writing letters, stories, or poems? What do you like about it?

Discuss how the reader can write mindfully.
Discuss: How can you include writing in your daily routine? Where can you go to write privately about your emotions?

Some students may struggle to express their emotions, making it hard to regulate their thoughts and behaviors. Help readers develop these skills by learning to tune into their minds and put their thoughts on paper. Mindful writing can help readers slow down, focus, and reflect on their feelings.

Writing mindfully can help you stay in the moment. Try these things:

Goal: Think about an event or something that has happened to you. Write about it.

Goal: Pay attention to how your breathing changes as you write.

Goal: Look at what you have written without judgment. Everything you create is special.

Pick out at least three things you like about what you wrote or how you wrote it.

A gratitude journal helps you reflect on your day and your relationships.

1.Think about what made you feel happy today. If you need ideas, answer these questions:
• What made you smile today?
• Who did something kind for you today?
• Who made you feel loved today?

2. Write down why those things made you feel happy and why you are grateful
for them. Write as much or as little as you like.

3. Each day, reread the entry from the previous day. Then add a new entry.

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