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Homefront Heroes

Every war requires more than just the efforts of traditional soldiers. Some heroes’ stories are not appreciated during their time. In Beyond the Battlefield: Homefront Heroes, you'll go Beyond the Battlefield to uncover the crucial work done by people at home to help during wartime. These efforts include growing Victory Gardens, smuggling soldiers out of hospitals to safety, saving lives of Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto, and more!

In times of war, heroes are found both on and off the battlefield. In the Beyond the Battlefield series, readers will learn the stories of people from history who worked in secret, in danger, and on the home front. With resourcefulness, intelligence, and muscle, these fascinating people worked to support their countries and fellow citizens. Each 32-page book helps improve comprehension and builds confidence with guided post-reading questions and fun activities. Reading/teaching tips and a glossary are also included.

Subject Military
Copyright 2022
Publisher Rourke Educational Media
Imprint High Tide
Language English
Number of Pages 32
Publication Date 2021-08-01
Dewey 355.009
Dimensions 7 x 9

Author: Wells, Allen R.