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Stranded! Testing the Limits of Survival

What is it like to get trapped in a blinding sandstorm in the Sahara Desert? Or to be lost in a rain forest, battling stinging insects and other dangerous animals while trying to get back to civilization? Or to survive a plane crash, only to end up starving on a freezing mountaintop? In this gripping new series, readers will meet the people who fought against all odds to stay alive in deadly environments. Dramatic, true stories will keep readers turning the pages as they learn first-hand how everyday men and women survived extraordinary challenges, including extreme temperatures, deadly creatures, and lack of food and water. Along the way, readers will also learn about the plants and animals that live in oceans, deserts, mountains, and other treacherous places around the world. Large color photos, maps, and fact boxes enrich the exciting survival tales. Written in a narrative format, this series is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

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