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Grades 2 - 5
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Grades 2 - 5

Fall 2021 Geography · History

All Around the World

Series of 62 titles

In what country can you see fjords? What country is the first to see the sunrise each morning? Each book in All Around the World highlights a specific country and is packed with facts about… More →

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Spring 2021 History · Social Studies

Whole Wide World

Series of 8 titles

How old is the Colosseum in Rome? How long is the Great Wall of China? Readers will find these answers and more as they learn about the location, history, architecture, and special uses of… More →

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History · Social Studies

Turning Points in U.S. History

Series of 10 titles

Who explored America’s new land after the Louisiana Purchase? What was the lasting impact of the September 11th attacks? Each title in Turning Points in U.S. History highlights a defining… More →

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SEL · Social Studies

The American Journey

Series of 4 titles

Why do immigrants come to the United States? How do they assimilate and maintain their culture? The American Journey answers these questions and more, while introducing readers to the history More →

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Cool Castles and Palaces

Series of 8 titles

What famous castle is said to have inspired the castle at Walt Disney World? How many rooms does the Palace of Versailles have? Readers will find these answers and more as they learn about… More →

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Science and Math · Social Studies

U.S. National Parks

Series of 6 titles

What formed Yellowstone National Park’s unique landscape? What is the best way to explore Grand Canyon National Park? Each book in U.S. National Parks highlights a specific national park and… More →

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