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Grade 5

Blastoff! Readers Level 4 · Sports


Great golfers mainly get eagles and birdies, meaning they shoot under par! This book introduces young readers to the game of golf. It explains the sport’s basic rules, necessary equipment… More →

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Social Studies

Nightmare Plagues

Series of 6 titles

For thousands of years, tiny invaders have been attacking humans—and killing them by the millions. Who—or rather what—are these nearly invisible killers? They are deadly germs that have… More →

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Social Studies

Bubonic Plague

On a hot September day in 1924, Jesus Lajun noticed a terrible smell coming from his house in Los Angeles. He went down to his basement and discovered a dead rat, which he picked up and… More →

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Air Force

What does it take to become a member of the U.S. Air Force? Readers will find out as they follow aspiring airmen through basic training in Air Force: Civilian to Airman. Kids will get an… More →

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Social Studies

The Flu of 1918

How did a flu outbreak in Kansas eventually lead to the deaths of an estimated 50 to 100 million people all over the world? Readers will find out in The Flu of 1918: Millions Dead Worldwide!Fi More →

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Pro Football's Most Spectacular Quarterbacks

Go inside the huddle with the best current quarterbacks in the NFL in Pro Football’s Most Spectacular Quarterbacks! From Peyton Manning and Drew Brees to Tony Romo and Tom Brady, this title… More →

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Animals · Blastoff! Readers Level 4


Rottweilers almost went extinct at one point in time. Now they are common pets. They were once used to pull carts in the German town of Rottweil, from which they got their name. This title… More →

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Witchcraft in Salem

In 1692, two young girls who lived in Salem, Massachusetts, began acting strangely. They made odd sounds for no reason, flapped their arms like birds, and had fits in which they choked and… More →

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Blastoff! Readers Level 5 · Geography


Moscow’s Red Square is a center of Russian history and culture. This book explores the physical and cultural geography of Russia, showing the reader what daily life is like in Russia and how… More →

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French Bulldog

French bulldogs might be small, but these little guys have huge hearts! Kids will enjoy meeting dogs like Bugsy, a nine-year-old Frenchie whose owner, Molly, is a zoo director in England… More →

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Social Studies


In the 1700s, cities in Europe and North America were expanding quickly, and many people lived in tiny, cramped homes and tenement buildings. During this time, tuberculosis (TB) outbreaks… More →

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