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Grade 3

Spring 2022 Animals · Social Studies


Seeds scatter across the forest floor. But how does a tiny seed grow into a big plant? Come to forest school to find out! Engage your curiosity about seeds with exploration through the forest More →

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Spring 2022 Animals · Blastoff! Readers Level 2


Tigers are at the top of the food chain. But these big cats are threatened by hunting and habitat loss. This title for young readers explores the threats faced by tigers and offers ideas for… More →

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Spring 2022 Language Arts · Social Studies

Space Jobs

Did you know that astronauts train for spacewalks by going underwater in their spacesuits? Or what about that engineers have programmed robots to explore space on their own? Astronauts,… More →

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Spring 2022 Social Studies

Statue of Liberty

In this book, early fluent readers will marvel at the Statue of Liberty while learning about its history, location, uses, and architecture. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled… More →

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Spring 2022 Crafts and Activities

Glass Jar Crafts

With a little imagination, it’s easy to repurpose used items! In this colorful title, readers will learn how to upcycle glass jars into picture holders, coin banks, planters, and more!… More →

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Spring 2022 Blastoff! Readers Level 3 · Geography


Forests are vital to life on Earth! In this title for young readers, leveled text and crisp photos introduce the different types of forests and their parts, the plants and animals that live… More →

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Spring 2022 Language Arts · Science

My Brain

When you open a book, you can see the pictures, read the words, and even turn the pages all thanks to one special part of you. What do you think it is? ItХs your brain! Your busy brain keeps… More →

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Spring 2022 History

LEGO Bricks

For years, kids and adults alike have built incredible things with LEGO bricks. But what’s the story behind this popular toy? In this title, readers will explore the history and growth of… More →

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Spring 2022 Early Concepts

Meet the Small Dinosaurs

In this title, early fluent readers meet some of the smallest dinosaurs as they survive in their prehistoric habitats. Read along as we meet nine different creatures and learn about their… More →

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