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Editorial Review

SLJ Review of Whole Wide World

Cover: Whole Wide World

This series continues to balance information with an eye-catching format, highlighting landmarks around the world. There are about three chapters that are six pages long and contain full-page pictures that accompany short paragraphs throughout. The beginning of each title starts with before, during, and after questions for teachers and caregivers to engage readers.

The series takes a look at the history of each location, such as the hundreds of stone statues on Easter Island which “…were made more than 500 years ago” (Easter Island). Vocabulary words are in bold, photos are labeled, and infographics, like diagrams and sidebar facts, make the text easy to understand.

Still, some full-page pictures are cut in half by an unnecessary color block that has a small paragraph, but this allows the information to be broken up into pieces. The end of each series includes quick facts and tools, a glossary, index, and how to learn more.

VERDICT: An accessible introduction about historical landmarks for elementary readers.

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Cover: Whole Wide World Whole Wide World (15 titles)
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Cover: Chichén Itzá Chichén Itzá New! Spring 2022
Cover: Easter Island Easter Island New! Spring 2022
Cover: Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge New! Spring 2022
Cover: Leaning Tower of Pisa Leaning Tower of Pisa New! Spring 2022
Cover: Pyramids of Giza Pyramids of Giza New! Spring 2022
Cover: Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty New! Spring 2022

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