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Editorial Review

SLJ Review of Library of Awesome Animals

Cover: Camel

Playful chapter titles and occasional interjections like “yikes” and “wow!” create a lighthearted feel in these animal profiles, but there’s also plenty of useful, well-organized information. The tone achieves a good balance between enthusiastic (“Elephants are eating machines”) and factual (“They eat for an average of 16 hours every day”) (Elephants). Physical features, behavior, and life cycles are described in the main text. Interesting tidbits about the animal’s more unique characteristics, such as the albatross’s ability to sleep while flying (Albatross) usually appear in photo captions or separate insets. Full-page photographs highlight different behaviors, with occasional close-ups showing specific unusual features noted in the text, such as the mandrill’s yawn (Mandrill). Threats to the animals’ survival are briefly noted where relevant. A closing “Information Station” page includes a range map, a comparative size diagram, and a bit about animal classification. VERDICT Well-rounded overviews with a light touch that might draw more reluctant learners.

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Cover: Camel Camel
Cover: Clown Fish Clown Fish
Cover: Elephant Elephant
Cover: Mandrill Mandrill

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