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Mignonne Gunasekara

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Death by Atrocious Animals Death by Atrocious Animals New! Fall 2021
Cover: Death by Awful Accidents Death by Awful Accidents New! Fall 2021
Cover: Death by Blundering Bodies Death by Blundering Bodies New! Fall 2021
Cover: Death by Frightful Food Death by Frightful Food New! Fall 2021
Cover: At the Aquarium At the Aquarium (6 titles)
Cover: Clever Creatures Clever Creatures 3.9
Cover: Fantastic Fish Fantastic Fish 3.5
Cover: Jolly Jellyfish Jolly Jellyfish 3.7
Cover: Marvelous Mammals Marvelous Mammals 3.6
Cover: Super Sharks Super Sharks 3.5
Cover: Wonderful Whales Wonderful Whales 3.6

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