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Kevin Blake

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 0.0
Cover: Chile Chile 0.0
Cover: Malaysia Malaysia 0.0
Cover: Killer Kissing Bugs Killer Kissing Bugs
Cover: Terrifying Ticks Terrifying Ticks
Cover: Wretched Worms Wretched Worms
Cover: Deadly Scorpion Sting! Deadly Scorpion Sting! 5.5
Cover: Deadly Snake Bite! Deadly Snake Bite! 5.4
Cover: Deadly Spider Bite! Deadly Spider Bite! 5.2
Cover: Houston's Hurricane Harvey Floods Houston's Hurricane Harvey Floods 5.3
Cover: Creating Titanic: The Ship of Dreams Creating Titanic: The Ship of Dreams 5.7
Cover: Grand Central Terminal Grand Central Terminal 5.7

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